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Which life elements are downscaling or increasing our ambition?

Are we making conscious decisions about our professional goals, or are context, culture and family pushing us in another direction?
Is our ambition impacting our family choices or is it the other way around?

And, most importantly: what does ambition mean to you? …. ..

This is not a personality quiz. This is an anonymous survey meant to collect data and bring clarity on how our ambition is impacting our lives.

Meet Ana

Call me Ana, just Ana.

A passionate and very dynamic person, my talent is to build bridges between various stakeholders by using all communication channels at their bests. With 10+ years of experience with BigPharma companies my professional drive is to work and deliver the best health care solutions to patients and, corporate wise to achieve gender equality in business and in society. Highly engaged in gender equality as female community leader, entrepreneur and blogger.

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